Research is about seeking information.   All businesses and organizations can benefit from having the right information at their fingertips. Healthfax understands the vital need of accurate and meaningful research for organizational growth and viability. Evaluation is important as it provides pertinent information which is required to keep an organization guided towards it goals.
The impact research design has on the quality of the research findings cannot be understated. Healthfax research services include conceptualizing the problem(hypothesis development), implementing the tasks and objectives, recommending solutions, and monitoring the follow-up.  The company provides data collection, data management, and data analysis services. Healthfax performs both short-term and longitudinal research.
Recognizing the vital role of feedback or evaluation in today’s health care industry, Healthfax evaluates data from community focus groups, written and telephone surveys, and archival sources to help clients reach conclusions and develop recommendations for specific action steps. The importance of evaluation via proper monitoring and thorough follow-up is stressed to all clients. Healthfax has the capabilities and expertise to perform long-term monitoring of the recommendations implementing.
Healthfax, also periodically initiates comprehensive community research projects focusing on current health care issues. Study findings are made available to the general public and targeted populations through conferences, newspaper articles, or research papers. A range of businesses, educational institutions, and public agencies have benefitted from the firm’s research and evaluation capabilities.