Management carries the ultimate responsilbility for the fiscal health and long term viability of an organization.

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Research and Evaluation

Reseach is about seeking information.

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Education and Training

The acquisition of knowledge is not a singular goal to be obtained, but rather a life-long quest.

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Our Mission

Healthfax, Inc. prides itself on its reputation for quality performance and cost consciousness yielded by an unwavering commitment to sound management and the values upon which the company was founded. Healthfax’s management structure centers on the use of project management teams.

Using our approach, each team member has a distinct and vital role. Project managers have the primary tasks of project implementation and administrative oversight responsibilities of monitoring quality, expense, and timeliness. At the head of each management team is a member of the executive staff. The leaders carries the ultimate responsibility of assuring that a job is done well, on time within budget restraints.

Healthfax’s organizational architecture is designed to specifically address the fluctuating workload which is characteristic of contractual work. As needed, consultants are engaged as project managers. Judicious use of consultants/ advisors affords Healthfax the ability to instantly and substantially expand its knowledge base to suit the requirements of any situation. Our staff of professionals can satisfy both short-term projects and long-term programming needs.

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